War Charge Demo 2011

by War Charge

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released March 5, 2012

Self-titled 2011/2012:
Recorded and mastered at Clearwater Studios, Perth, Scotland by Tom Mitchell.



all rights reserved


War Charge Edinburgh, UK

Scottish Hardcore

2012: Self-titled 7" released in April on Demons Run Amok Records.

2014 : New World Justice 7" released in May on Farewell Records.

2014 : War Charge/Cornered split 7" to be released on Neutral Words Records.
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Track Name: War Charge
War Charge!
Track Name: Reality Check
I am dead weight, I've got nothing to lose, I just fight to achieve my goals.

No gain without pain, no gain without pain, no gain without pain.

So who the fuck are you to take this away? I keep my head up and never look down

Because life is too short, to keep hiding out. Reality check make the most of it. Unlike you I acknowledge my sins, I am not a slave and never will be. I'll keep fighting to take what's mine.

Kick it!

Respect seems forgotten these days, no one here could give a fuck, corrupted souls and twisted minds.

You blame the others but the fault is yours.

I might fail sometimes but I keep my head up. I pull myself through and I'm ready to.
Track Name: Thin Ice
Everyday I try to realize that I'm walking on thin ice. Memories are chasing me, looking back is driving me insane.

Let the struggle begin, I can feel the pressure above my head, there are things a man can do that are harmful to his soul.

No one knows it this path is right, how much sin can I live with? Can't find a way to bare my soul. I hide my feelings inside but I show my true colors to help me to survive.

There is no space for moralism, it's too late, there's no second chance.

Track Name: B.F.M (Begging for Mercy)
Begging for mercy that will never come, I've had enough of the mistakes that you have made.

One thing I've learned from this life, there are things you cannot overcome.

Your mask of pride is making me sick, stop bragging for all that fucked up shit you did.

Now that our roles are upside down, the truth is you are jut a fucking clown.

Just give up, take my advice? Fuck you get yourself a fucking life.

From the day I stopped to deal with you, I hope to see your whole world falling through.
Track Name: Forgive and Forget
I've burned belongings as a way to fight back. All of our memories are striking back.

I would have changed everything for you. Turning ashes into gold for my family and you.

I gave you my heart and all that I had, time after time. Lie after lie. There is no space for you in my heart, it makes me feel sick the way things turned out.

Stabbed in the back by people like you, make me question if reality is true. True friends and family will always be there, holding my hand through the toughest of times.

I wrote these lines for you, to remind myself. Forgive and forget, that won't happen again.
Track Name: Out of Reach
I see panic, fear and chaos, the power of the people is losing control, wasted youth, social decay.

The sight of freedom is still out of reach.

Keep searching for the light, ripped apart, inside out, this world is crashing down.

Disgust for this world, that keeps me locked down. A land of failures just take a look around. A war for power, no way to escape.

The sight of freedom is still out of reach.
Track Name: Cold
We find ourselves in the damnedest of places, our life depends on reliable faces, I sold my soul for a shot of hope, tonight I feel alone in this cold world.

A tiny border splits this love and hate, I'll keep fighting to my last breath, my last fucking breath.

I keep asking myself, if I'm falling apart.

Can I keep running this way? There is no turning back, thousands of years, thousands of lies, our redemption is taken away.

No matter how hard I try, the future is still out of sight, my life depends on the roll of a dice.

I keep asking myself, if I'm falling apart.

Can I keep running this way? All I know is the further I get, there is no turning back.

Thousands of years, thousands of lies, my life depends on the roll of a dice.